Mythical College Football Playoff- Teams Under Consideration

Well, it’s time to select the teams to be considered (TUC) for entry to my imaginary, mythical FBS playoff.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will be trying to mimic the selection process used by the NCAA to select the field for all of the other sports that have a playoff system.  This will be a 16 team field because we should be certain to have the best team included with this many teams.  If your team finishes 17th or worse in any rating system you are daft for thinking they might be the best in the land.

Here are the top 20 teams based on Ratings Percentage Index (RPI).  Since the NCAA always gives automatic berths to conference champions, these teams that did not make the top 20 by RPI are included at the bottom of the list.

Team RPI Conference Champ?
Auburn 0.677 Yes
Stanford 0.644 Yes
Arizona St 0.644 No
Missouri 0.640 No
Baylor 0.631 Yes
Florida St 0.631 Yes
South Carolina 0.623 No
Ohio St 0.619 No
Alabama 0.616 No
Georgia 0.614 No
Oklahoma St 0.610 No
Michigan St 0.608 Yes
Oklahoma 0.606 No
Clemson 0.603 No
Texas A&M 0.595 No
Notre Dame 0.585 No
Virginia Tech 0.584 No
UCF 0.581 Yes
UCLA 0.579 No
Oregon 0.578 No
Fresno St 0.560 Yes
Rice 0.534 Yes
Bowling Green 0.508 Yes
Louisiana Lfyt 0.480 Yes

It’s a crying shame that teams like Louisiana Lafayette and Bowling Green are going to bump two more deserving teams but the NCAA must have their conference champions in the mix.

Tomorrow I will announce the results of the Pairwise Ranking (PWR) to determine the final field and the seeding.

For reference, see my earlier article.

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