A Short Break from Work

I have taken a week off from work just to relax and enjoy our wonderful Houston summer weather. On Friday, we took a short trip to Palestine[1], via Crockett.

I wanted to take a slew of pictures, but my Sony Alpha 77 had a dead battery. So, I made do with the phone camera and a little Photoshoppery for this little display.

Here is a shot of beautiful, downtown Crockett.

We had lunch here at the Moosehead Café. It is a quaint but large place with seating for about 50 and tons of antiques. They even have some old 8 Tracks.

Presenting Crockett City Hall. The trike is a Honda Goldwing GL1800 conversion.

I didn’t see anything named after dear old Davey except this drug store.

The Last Picture Show: They must have put on the Ritz here every Saturday night.

Destination, The Texas State Railroad station near Palestine. We didn’t take the ride, but we did a few years ago. In the open air cars, it gets pretty darn hot. Luckily, they hand out lots of free bottles of chilly water during the trip to Rusk and back.

Here is a not so old diesel locomotive they have on one of the side tracks.

And finally, next to the locomotive above are three open air passenger cars.


[1] To avoid confusion, Texans pronounce this as “Palesteen”.



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