MWK Nostalgia

Well folks, I see that you made it over here from my Facebook account.

As I mentioned, last week while I was surfing the net and googling one of the bunny trails led me to this file that originated on the Gerald Ford Library site.

This file is a pdf of various letters and 4 FYI issues from 1974-75. This was around the time that I joined MWK as a fresh out of college Associate Engineer in Project Systems.

Use this link to view or download this wonderful document.

This file is text searchable; you can search (use the icon or a ctrl-f) for names, projects, or any other word of interest.

Please note that this file is very large (66 meg), so be patient as it loads. You may not want to do this on a phone if you are paying data fees.

Table of Contents:

Pages Contents
1 Copyright notice
2-9 Exchange of letters concerning business in China
10-17 FYI February 1974
18-20 Press releases
21-30 Brochure “Let’s plan for energy survival” (written by Duffer)
31-79 Press releases
80-95 FYI March 1975
96-116 Press releases FYI August 1975
117-124 FYI August 1975 (Yes, they are out of order)
125-132 FYI July 1975 (This is the first one that I would have seen)
133-138 More exchanges of letters concerning business in China
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