Special Report: TV Commercials

This is the first of many, many special reports that I will be writing. Be sure not to miss any of them as they come out. Be informed! Be up to date! Don’t be L7!

Since I have been retired unemployed, I have been streaming lots of stuff. During evenings and weekends, I am often streaming TV and movies from Amazon or Netflix. Weekdays, I spend some time catching up on the news with CNN and Fox.

I have too much spare time, I know. Afterall, I am unemployed retired.

Both of the news channels mentioned in the previous paragraph load up the stream with commercials for various products. It seems that lots of these products are prescription drugs. I don’t like the concept of plugging prescription drugs to the general public but that is a subject for another post. I am writing about these two commercials only today.

Here we have Alexa. Ain’t this a sweet little spot about a couple in love and reliving fond memories of their childhood? Ok, teen hood. Thankyou.

Notice in the beginning, the girl is much shorter than the boy. We can’t see her feet, but we might expect that she is wearing high heels on such a formal occasion.

We move on and they are now senior citizens. They get Alexa to play their “favorite song“. The man and woman are now almost the same height! We can also see that she is wearing flat shoes! What happened here? It must have been some kind of personal disaster for this to happen. Did he get zapped by space aliens? Did she get sprinkled with fairy dust? Inquiring minds want to know. I want to know too!

Here is another one. This is for a prescription drug called Jardiance. I don’t like the concept of plugging prescription drugs directly to the public. That is a subject for another post. This must be true because now I have written it twice!

I don’t recall offhand what this drug does, but I am hearing short samples of the old song, “Apache”.

Check out the commercial below. Are we hearing “Apache” at about 12 seconds and again at 50 seconds in? Listen carefully. I am hearing it.

Someone who shares knowledge on Wikipedia seems to agree.

To close this exciting and informative posting, here is British Rocker Sir Cliff Richard.

Well, there you go. Have a nice day.

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