Sunday, July 17, 2022

I have a project in mind that has potential all the way from 7 digits to 200 hours community service.

What happened to those Secret Service text messages?

I have something to write about our recent Supreme Court decisions. I have not even started writing them yet. They are complicated, at least for me. When I finish them, I will post them. It is important to me and should be to you also. I say that it is important because I will just write it once and will not argue about it.

Other Stuff:

I published my first ever Special Report. Be sure to check it out here. If you have not read it yet, shame on you!

I have finished and posted the first installment of Mr. Snyder’s Extended Neighborhood. Check it out here. It is another shining example of my legendary performances on schedule, on budget and safe with conformance to the quality requirements.

Make America Safe Again!

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