Oklahoma City Airchecks

Here are the Links to the Oklahoma City Air Checks:

Scott Walker KOMA 1971

This clip is from August 1971.  It features an annoying commercial for “The Amazing Baby”, a band that rocked the Midwest but never Oklahoma City.  At night KOMA would take advantage of their antenna directional pattern to run commercials for markets far west and north of Oklahoma City.  Later the newsman misses his cue much to Scott’s amusement and there’s a Country Club Malt Liquor commercial (yechh).

Carl Mann KOMA 1971

Carl followed Scott show.  I think I was at the Oklahoma City ‘89er game mentioned early.  That year they went down to the final game with the Denver Bears for the American Association championship.  Denver (featuring Ritchie Scheinblum) took the title from OKC (featuring John Mayberry and James Rodney Richard).  There’s an upgrade in drinks to Stag Beer (semi yechh).

KOMA 1966 (Requires Real Player)

Here is a full day of KOMA fun featuring Charlie Tuna, Dale Wehba and Ron Chiles.  Charlie went on to fame with KHJ Boss Radio in Los Angeles.  Dale Wehba was the cousin of wrestler Skandar Akbar.

Danny Williams WKY 1969

Program Director and all around local personality Danny Williams pinch hits for evening man Fred Hendrickson.