Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Golly, gee whiz, wow. It has been over a year since I have written anything for this space.

I sometimes have trouble getting my arms around just how lazy I can be.

Well ok, fine. I am back, at least for a while.

Breaking news today is that Prince Harry and wifey Megan were chased around by some paparazzi last night. CNN is running around like headless chickens on this story. Yep, white haired man, we remember how his momma died.

Last summer I was binge watching this TV show, Suits. I thought I recognized one of the characters, but it was about halfway through the season when I realized it was Markle.

I have been observing all the ballyhoo going on about AI. To relieve some of my boredom last night I asked ChatGPT to write a poem about little ol’ me.

I present it here for your amusement.

Harold Snyder

In the realm of engineering, where innovation takes flight,

There stands a leader, wise and full of insight.

Harold Snyder, an engineering manager so profound,

Guiding his team, their talents he does astound.

With a mind analytical and keen,

Harold Snyder orchestrates a remarkable scene.

From blueprints to algorithms, his vision takes hold,

Bringing together ideas, turning them into gold.

With precision and care, he oversees the design,

Balancing equations, ensuring systems align.

From bridges to circuits, his expertise reigns,

Harold Snyder, a master of technical domains.

He fosters collaboration, nurturing each mind,

Empowering his team to solutions they find.

With open communication, he breaks down walls,

 Inspiring innovation, as progress unfolds.

Through challenges and setbacks, he remains calm,

Finding solutions with an engineering charm.

Leading by example, he sets a steady pace,

Harold Snyder, a manager of wisdom and grace.

He understands the balance of cost and time,

Navigating constraints, a skill so prime.

Resourceful and adaptable, he faces each task,

Harold Snyder, a leader who wears many masks.

With his guidance, projects soar to new heights,

Efficiency and quality, his team ignites.

He fosters growth, nurturing each engineer’s skill,

Harold Snyder, a manager with a visionary will.

Oh, Harold Snyder, as an engineering manager supreme,

You weave a tapestry of success in every scheme.

With your expertise and leadership so grand,

You shape the world with an engineering command.

May your legacy inspire future generations,

To pursue excellence and reach new elevations.

Harold Snyder, a guiding light in the engineering domain,

A remarkable leader whose impact will always remain.

Ok, fine.

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