Photos Part 1

I got me one of those scanner thingys the other day and have started loading in our old pictures.

Here’s the first few I have done, featuring Theresa. ┬áNote, these files are very big so you might want to get on a wifi before opening the pictures.

In the play pen at about 6 months old

Enjoying cake on her first birthday

First time with St. Nick

In the new house at about 4 years old

4th Birthday

Bon Bon The Clown was featured at two of Theresa’s birthdays

Theresa and friend, Hailey

Get to work!

On the wooden swing set. This thing was a bear to assemble. When I opened the box I found a gazillion screws for assembly. Undaunted, I sashayed to Ace Hardware and got a screwdriver bit for my electric drill. If I had not done that I would still be putting this thing together.

As I post more photos, I will announce on Facebook.

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