Theresa wanted to go watch her friend play softball so that is what we did on a nice, sunny Friday afternoon.  Her friend plays for the Jersey Village High School junior varsity.  The Falcons were hosting the Mustangs of Cypress Ranch High School.

 Theresa was disappointed to see that her friend was not starting for the Falcon nine, but that was going to change soon.  The game got off to a terrible start for JVHS.  The first Mustang hitter reached base on a 4 pitch walk.  It quickly became evident that the Falcons are not a very good softball team.  The pitcher was wild, the infield a sieve and the outfield threesome couldn’t find the ball with doppler radar.  Ten runs and only one out later in the top of the first inning, in comes Theresa’s friend to pitch.  She was a much better pitcher than the starter.  She could throw strikes and had some zip on the ball.  Our lady Falcons were finally bailed out of the inning by a Mustang base running blunder.

With a runner on first the Mustang hitter lifts a soft line drive to center field.  It should have been caught, but no, it skipped off the tip of the center fielder’s glove and rolls to the fence.  The right fielder was not backing up so the center fielder had to retrieve the ball herself.  Meanwhile, the hitter was a much faster runner than the girl on first and by the time they rounded third base they were only few feet apart.  The relay from center field was on the money and the Falcon catcher was able to tag both runners for a double play to end the inning.  The Mustangs finished the inning with 10 runs on 2 hits, 4 errors and none left on base.

The Falcons scored once in the bottom of the first but that was all of the bat production we would see from them.  Theresa’s friend pitched well for the remaining game, giving up 5 runs over 3 inning.  Only 3 of those runs were earned.

The game was called after 4 innings due to the mercy rule.  Final score: Cypress Ranch 15, Jersey Village 1.

Here are some photos of the event:

ball 4 in the dirt

Ball Four in the Dirt

inside pitch

Theresa’s friend reminds a Mustang hitter that the plate belongs to her!

on to first

Charging to first base

passed ball

Off to Second on a Passed Ball

pitch 1

A Windmill that would please Eddie Feigner

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